The Heron's Nest

Volume XXII, Number 2: June 2020

Haiku — page 1

feral rooster
golden plumes
of first light

Matthew Caretti
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

deep enough
to hide the grackles
summer green

Rick Tarquinio
Woodruff, New Jersey

the sister
I didn't know I had...

Debbie Strange
Winnipeg, Manitoba

two halves
of a photograph
my parents' wedding

frances angela
London, England

army leave
how much younger he looks
when sleeping

Marcus Larsson
Växjö, Sweden

a taste of the river
from my cupped hands...
first homecoming

Chen-ou Liu
Ajax, Ontario

upstream pool
the pull of mayflies
into the twilight

Glenn G. Coats
Carolina Shores, North Carolina

the night begins
with perhaps

Kevin Valentine
Mesquite, Texas

the quest to understand

Jonathan Roman
Yonkers, New York

romantic dinner
a moth darkens
the room

Tomislav Sjekloća
Cetinje, Montenegro

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