The Heron's Nest

Volume XXII, Number 2: June 2020

Haiku — page 8

dawn silence
on the first ripe mango
a bat bite

Lucky Triana
Malang, Indonesia

sky blue enough to bear the mourning dove's coo

Michele Root-Bernstein
East Lansing, Michigan

morning heat
 more cows
 than shade

Rick Tarquinio
Woodruff, New Jersey

two shadows
the headstones of parents
he never knew

Jeff Kressmann
Palatine, Illinois

washing the vase
a smell from the grave
on my fingers

Garry Eaton
Port Moody, British Columbia

desert's stillness—
the skin of a rattlesnake
basking in the sun

Goran Gatalica
Zagreb, Croatia

sand blowing
through a slot canyon
soon I will be gone

Victor Ortiz
Bellingham, Washington

thunderhead the beat of a peewit's wings

John Barlow
Ormskirk, England

just enough rain
to darken the scent
of the pine woods

Paul Chambers
Newport, Wales

backroad to church
a pine branch touching
the power line

Geoff M. Pope
Renton, Washington

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