The Heron's Nest

Volume XVII, Number 1: March 2015

Haiku — page 6

first snow
a stranger at
my parents' grave

Jörgen Johansson
Lidköping, Sweden

wrapped in headlines
once a year our angel
comes out of hiding

Peter Newton
Winchendon, Massachusetts

holiday cleanup
putting the last spoon
to rest

Francine Banwarth
Dubuque, Iowa

just for a moment
on the cut flowers

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York

here for me
on a winter night
the kitchen chair

Dan Schwerin
Greendale, Wisconsin

a bat
slips into a crack
Orion rising

Autumn Moon
Tucson, Arizona

the last toothpick tops
the tower

Roberta Beary
Bethesda, Maryland

midwinter sun the dunnock's threadbare song

Claire Everett
Northallerton, North Yorkshire

fox tracks . . .
who was I before
I was tamed?

Annette Makino
Arcata, California

above brown hills
places I've never been

Johnnie Johnson Hafernik
San Francisco, California

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