The Heron's Nest

Volume XXII, Number 1: March 2020

Haiku — page 2

I'm the breeze
that moves it

Antonietta Losito
Mottola, Italy

Buddha statue
boys discuss the depth
of the koi pond

Aparna Pathak
Gurugram, India

urban park
minnows in and out
of a rusty can

Agnes Eva Savich
Austin, Texas

vacant lot
the kids find another

Gregory Longenecker
Pasadena, California

dawn stars
only the simple sounds
of farming

Elmedin Kadric
Helsingborg, Sweden

broomless cabin
the shenanigans
of prairie mice

Susan Mallernee
Dover, Ohio

call to prayer—
the birds on the minaret

Nate Haken
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

the cloud slowly moving the mountain

Ben Moeller-Gaa
St. Louis, Missouri

as a hieroglyph
the ibis

J. Zimmerman
Santa Cruz, California

distant thunder
the elephants listening
with their feet

David J. Kelly
Dublin, Ireland

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