The Heron's Nest

Volume XXII, Number 1: March 2020

Haiku — page 7

a discussion
all about me

Jann Wright
Henderson, Nevada

cancer ward
baggy jeans add weight
to his shadow

Steve Tabb
Boise, Idaho

the slow push
of the tugboat
gibbous moon

Matthew Markworth
Mason, Ohio

no call from her
just the sound of rain
against the house

Lenard D. Moore
Mount Olive, North Carolina

learning to be happy
with what I have—
rising soufflé

Susan Burch
Hagerstown, Maryland

rolling out
the red carpet
autumn breeze

Sheila Sondik
Bellingham, Washington

red maple keys
which one is for
the treasure chest

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York

late night nibbles
slipping the avocado
out of its skin

Sondra J. Byrnes
Santa Fe, New Mexico

herd of deer
my road through
their togetherness

Mary Stevens
Hurley, New York

cold snap
the whistle of wind
through the silos

Alan S. Bridges
Littleton, Massachusetts

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