The Heron's Nest

Volume XVII, Number 3: September 2015

Haiku — page 4

plum blossoms,
to make a long story

Johnny Baranski
Vancouver, Washington

spring dream...
slipping my wings
into a work shirt

Michael McClintock
Clovis, California

holding twilight into dusk . . .
the ends of maple branches
heavy with buds

Wally Swist
Amherst, Massachusetts

with each call
faint ripples
surround the frog

Simon Hanson
Allendale, South Australia

Earth Day
the pecking order
of chickens

Alice Frampton
Seabeck, Washington

first warm day
grandpa has found
his pet rock

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York

planting lavender—
the black velvet g-string
in the bottom of my drawer

Angela Leuck
Hatley, Quebec

lifting mist
the field workers
in red bandanas

Michael McClintock
Clovis, California

migrating finches
the blur
of a pinwheel

Don Miller
Las Cruces, New Mexico

short nap
the friction of shadows
in the spring garden

Zinovy Vayman
Boston, Massachusetts

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