The Heron's Nest

Volume XVII, Number 3: September 2015

Haiku — page 9

where no one knows me water chestnut

Martin Paetsch
Hong Kong

cloud cover
the vendor places each peach
sunny side up

Marilyn Appl Walker
Madison, Georgia

muted neighs—
the country fair scent
of corn dogs

Anna Cates
Wilmington, Ohio

grazing doe...
her brief glance
at the freeway

Ken Olson
Yakima Washington

alone on the water
I hang on to what's left
of the light

Glenn G. Coats
Prospect, Virginia

lolloping rabbit tails
whiten the quiet

Jan Dobb
Canberra, Australia

crickets and porch...
everything is more
than together

Adrian Bouter
Gouda, the Netherlands

by another

N.E. Taylor
Los Angeles, California

between breaths
a shooting star
becomes the night

Maria Tomczak
Opole, Poland

star filled sky
through a crack in the shed
raccoon eyes

Kyle D. Craig
Indianapolis, Indiana

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